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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 12, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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they suspect is in custody after an off-duty police officer and her daughter were shot in a domestic incident on the south side. >> we welcome our viewers were watching as around the country. at northwestern memorial hospital with our top story. >> and no less than 49 year-old police officer fighting for life at northwestern hospital. >> her daughter was shot as well. her room does not consider to be life- threatening. >> with that said this is what we know. according to
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police sources they took into custody several hours after the shooting on the south side. the daughter's boyfriend fled the scene with the young child. >> the shooting happened in a home on the 2200 block >> does assaults or neighbor appeared before a manila office or works with an organized crime unit was with her daughter and grandchild. when confronted, we know the end results. reportedly opened fire hitting the officer several times in the face and neck area. the dollar was also struck in the thought. she is going to be ok. the >> deputy superintendent the number to a police officer in the department said the officer in question, the officer was shot multiple times is very well-respected and highly decorated. >> a veteran of the police department. she's received numerous awards including 14. the
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suspect was taken into custody a couple of hours later. >> the child was found unharmed. >> that is a story here from northwestern. >> the shooting happened sunday night on a northwest side. the man was making a delivery to his own apartment complex. he was pronounced dead yesterday lutheran hospital. >> the family of a man shot and killed by police last week are demanding highland park hospital turned over the surveillance video of the incident. >> the 27 year-old of waukegan was shot after authorities say people out a gun and refused to put it down. >> anderson and nine year-old daughter were at the hospital after suffering minor injuries and a car accident.
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>> states attorney announced yesterday that the shooting was justified. >> the police officers' actions were reasonable and appropriate. >> the family says they want to see the surveillance of video in order to have closure. a man and strangled to people is sentenced to life in prison. >> joss will learn his fate weston m. our goal. was found guilty last month of murdering >> in january of 2013 a total of three people have been sentenced in this case. the fourth person is expected to go on trial. >> the woman was walking south near 19th street. >> to ask the ministry for directions. them and started following her and grabbed her. pointing a weapon that her head and sexually assaulted her. >> the suspect then ran away to a dog was park. police of a woman released a vague description.
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>> alone from a high school >> fire investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze at the north riverside mall. the fires started around 4:00 this morning it was brought under control by about 630. still no information on whether there are any injuries. >> expects to learn more today about a fire that swept through a house of worship. >> to to alarm blaze gutted the inside. it was brought under control round midnight. no one was injured. founded in 1997 attempt operated a community kitchen and arranged some religious retreats for local use. a mission was cited three years ago for fire safety >> to the explosion
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and fire that injured four people. at the distant afternoon as workers were changing a propane tank. >> fire officials say the workers got the tank was empty but it was full and shot into the air. the most fiercely into a worker was taken to the medical center. some residents were evacuated as a precaution. one nearby home had minor damage. >> nurses from the va hospital or participating in a national day of action. they're calling for better safety precautions. thousands of nurses in california are on a two day strike. >> other village officials and rallies are being held in states across the country today. >> national nurses united contends that hospitals did not have enough as this material suits or air purifying respirator is to properly protect mrs from exposure. >> a second person
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has died from ebola in the west african country. the latest victim was in the ears. the government is asking citizens to report any suspected cases. a two-year old girl died last month after she traveled with her grandmother. one of the three countries hardest hit but the culprit. >> viruses killed nearly 5000 people and infected nearly 13,000 in that region >> the family of the victim reaches a confidential settlement with the hospital where he died. >> the doctor traveled from liberia to texas in september and went to texas health presbyterian hospital where he was misdiagnosed and sent home. >> part of the settlement a foundation will be created to raise money to help victims. >> someone tried to poison a dog in schaumburg. it
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appears someone stuffed or a poison pellets inside of sausages and left them in the art. can terrapin animals inside. the dog got treated in time of the animal hospital. the elders as the dog barks a lot and suggested a neighbor may have tried to poison it. >> the dmv records computers are down statewide. customers have taken to social media saying they've been waiting more than three hours for the system to restart. they hope to have it up and running shortly. a remarkable moments and space exploration. occurred just about an hour ago. >> live at the edgar planetarium where they are watching this historic event unfolds. >> this is a historic event. imagine landed on a comic. astronomers
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and scientists here at the planetarium have been holding a series of watched artists with transmissions coming in from europe is essentially watched the space craft land on the comic. if you think that is not difficult to imagine. it is like twin didn't object when an object with a velocity twice the speed of a bullet. >> and has been a 10 year space odyssey. a huge undertaking by the european space agency. with the goal of landing a spaceship on incumbent. >> >> billions and billions of miles. did that successfully back in august. to really put the icing on the cake. it is dropping
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a lander on the comeback. >> less stores of information about the origin of the universe. >> everything came from the big bang. >> mention of our own solar system. the origin of the planets including the earth. >> one of the first thing scientists said was it looks easy put in fact it is very difficult to pull off. that is why they're so excited. they know that the ship landed successfully on a comment because they have received a signal. it takes 30 minutes for the signal to get back to earth. >> sound like they got a signal from the land appeared if that is the case to have survived the landing. >> scientists are
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hoping the probes can begin to carry out a series of experiments and successfully send that information back to earth. >> has legs that are designed to absorber shock. it also has harpoons that are going to shoot. the first thing of the craft will begin to do is send back a series of panoramic shots all from the area that is the landing zone. then will begin to carry on a series of experiments. it is truly as difficult as landing a man of the moon. >> a father and connecticut is charged in the hot car death of his son. >> cracking down on
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card exchanging. how they are cracking down on people they are cracking down on people gea1 im
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a man in canada is charge of leaving his son in a hot car in the child later died. accused of leaving his son benjamin in his vehicle back in july. the child's death was ruled a
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homicide of august. pathe colleges to conducted the autopsy on a 18 year-old will testify tomorrow before a grand jury. the doctor wrote conduct a second autopsy and michael brown at the request of brown's family. a former police and medical examiner. a grand jury left to decide if the officers should be indicted for opening fire. >> the announcement may come sometime this month. >> announced the historic climate change agreement today. the announcement came at the end of the summit and beijing. >> and will curb their greenhouse gas emissions of the next two decades. hopes the deal will encourage other nations to tackle climate change. >> this is an ambitious goal but it is an achievable goal. it will double the pace in which we
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are reducing carbon pollution. it will put us on a path to achieve in the deep emissions reductions but advanced economies that the scientific community says is necessary to prevent the most catastrophic effect to the climate change. the president will be visiting the asian nation and then it is on to the g 20 summit. >> told the story on camera for the first time. in an interview robert o'neill says he convinced his team leader to let him go inside of the compound in pakistan. instead of overseeing exteriors security. the change allowed him to confront him face- to-face and kill him. >> i was definitely the last person he saw. other seals argue that several team members fired shots at him. he is wrong to claim that he fired the fatal
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shot. >> republicans pick up another seat in the senate. projects dan sullivan with 40 percent of the votes. more than a week after the election he refuses to concede. he says vote still need to be counted. congress is back for a lame duck session. lawmakers expected to pass a government funding bill. >> this is the final session that democrats will be in control of the senate. the lawmakers will be sworn in during the january session. >> popular shopping destination that is bringing smaller scare storescale stores to chicago. >> a seasonal desert to impress your guest.
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the costing of the cta millions of dollars. officials are cracking down on the abuse. started seeing an unusual surge of free rides over the last several months with some reduced fare cards being used up to three times a day. >> not talking about people who legitimately qualify for reduced or free ride card. we're talking about people using cards that did not belong to them. >> a 20% increase in free ride. investigators started verifying the identity is at various train stops in october alone confiscating more than 1800 reduced
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fare cards that were being used fraudulently. security is stepping up efforts to catch those looking for a free ride. investigators and personnel conducting verification checks at select train stations. the effort will expand to buses. directors say it is not fair to taxpayers and to those who legitimately used fare cards. people that legitimately use these cards and low-income seniors. >> there are too many abuses taking place. >> we found a person in her 20s using a senior citizens carny. we found a card being used by the card holder spas. they are only to be used on the regulations but issued a card holder.-issued car of by an issd
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cardholder. >> some are approaching rhetors before they go to the turnstiles of rental reduced fares for a price. those individuals are subject to arrest. others could find themselves ticketed. those who allow grandson or sibling to use the card could lose their privileges. >> >> looking at live pictures of one world trade center. hanging from the scaffolding the hour-long the 50th floor. witnesses say that platform is not collapsing. >> firefighters are responding to the scene. we will continue to monitor. >> stocks taking a
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pinch of a breather. investors may be turning cautious amidst falling oil prices. the dow down about 9 points. agreed to pay regulators to $0.3 billion to clear the allegations that they tried to manipulate the foreign-exchange market. regulators say there is a long- running scheme of things putting their own effort to head of client. >> microsoft has revealed a potentially serious security flaws and all of the windows operating system. it is a big hole in it and the security component that could also one else to remotely run codes and programs to your computer no matter how much encryption has. it affects windows version 7 and 8 and also some of the networking platforms. security experts say anyone running recent
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versions of windows should download a patch immediately. replaced a link on our web site. >> park is branching out and creating smaller stores. to express stores in chicago will be located in like you and streator fill. >> announced last week that their closing too big box stores in the area. >> top restaurants in the city celebrating star ratings. grace on randolph street was this year's big winner. an upgrade to 3 stars. the highest possible rating. only 150 other restaurants in the world with a three-star rating. including one other in chicago. >> a michelin was also awarded two stars
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the blackhawks have lost five in a row to tampa bay. jonathan plane in the 500th game of his career. tied at
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1 and earlier in the third. the second of hithe year. bonds is off of the referee behind the net. it makes a nice move to his backhand for the goal. stomped all three shots. return for the victory against detroit on monday. to understand people get mad but he says he is thinking long term not this season. here's what he said after practice. >> i am thinking about after i'm done with basketball. i have graduation still too and meetings to go to. i do not want to be a my meetings all sorts. because of something i did in the past. just learning and being smart.
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medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. the unseasonably cold temperatures are associated with an arctic blast air mass that is continuing to search through the central united states. it is expected to reach east coast but tomorrow. it will be along shortly to to tell us how long this early season cold snap is going to be around.
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>> you're trying to search for a forecast cut says it is not going to be so bad. >> as a lot to catch up with. it is really cold. you're right it has snowed around the midwest. >> go back to the late 1950's. we'll talk a little bit more about that in just a moment. some amazing pictures here from the big horn mountains. this is a picture of the day wild fire last week. she says the snows of winter will bring this to an end pretty soon. this one is from italy. we go international. the shelf " coming into italy with a thunderstorm. there are some places that are still warm.
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>> first of sons from course around. cruiser with a shot. that is despite the wind and snow flakes. a gorgeous shot looking back to halloween day. we will see more of those this weekend it appears. we even have a flurry this afternoon. another beautiful shot of a sunset. i think we have yet another one here. mrs.john baxter's shot of autumn colors with flakes on them. this is from yesterday. choses the nearly 16 in. of snowfall. it is off of that highly reflective snow-covered that you tend to get these cold air masses. the sunlight
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coming in is reflecting back out into space. here's another feature of cold air masses. little instability ". we're looking west from the hancock building. these are clothes that may spit some snow flurries at us. clouds that may spit some snow flurries. an early season winter blast. an interesting analysis looking at these sold 40 degree day is that we've had in chicago this early in the season. 55 years to find as long or longer streak of so the 40 degree days. even colder air is underway next week. the trunk of cooler air comes in before a warm-up. that one could set some records. temperatures in the coming days could be as much as 20 degrees below
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normal. this is pretty healthy cooler air. dropping temperatures to 19 this morning. these are of furloughs at the chicago park ridge valparaiso in michigan city. the crowds coming in on the north side of the city. how the saudi skies turn credit.sunny skies turned cloudy >> you can see it in glendale heights. out and sandwich. kind of gray out there. even not in michigan city. this is a live camera view. it could be worse. these are some of the lows around the area. in the city as 24 of o'hare. 30 at the lakefront. he pretty chilly morning. we're off more than 20-30 degrees. we
12:35 pm
are down the increase in chicago with kern temperatures. that was quite a tumble because it started around 60 of around midnight yesterday morning. readings off about 10 degrees compared to noon yesterday. here are the thermometer reading showing cooler air making it down to houston tx. factor in the wind. use windchill as low as 12 below in rapid city. here's a little wider view of the situation as well. the cooler air extends all the way north into the arctic regions with single digits right up there. on the west end of the warm air is blowing up into alaska and dislodging the school there. those are high temperatures just a day before yesterday. it is thanks to the sprawling high pressure that is blowing across to the metro area the course a good part of the central united states.
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strong northwest wind blowing into the area the cooler air hold in place. with thursday's forecast showing chilly air. the treasury's for snow and the other side of the lake erie snow occurs recent upper michigan as well. as you had selfs the frost of groceries are open to alabama. another storm is coming into the west. here is the upper air pattern supporting all of this. how it doesn't to the country bringing colder air in. unseasonably cool here in chicago. pretty interesting pearland. here is our forecast. we expect cloudiness through some peaks of some trend. a couple of little flurries in the air with a high temperature of 29. west wind it 10-20 mi. per hour. " will
12:37 pm
scatter up and throw out temperatures to drive into the teens. nw and its extension 18. tomorrow some time but then the country develop. fretting about the same thing. the sunday star to the car appeared as you could have some snowfall with a little weather system. some more about that on the uptake coming up. >> ellis island in new york closed its doors to processing immigrants. what was a used ford during world war twwas a used ford during world war two o
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery. >>midday drawings for wednesday november 12th good luck. first winning number 2
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eslphtioac r with those games. ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. breaking news. we continue to follow what has to be a terrifying situation. the one world trade center in new york. you're looking at live pictures of to window washers. they're stuck hanging from a scaffolding. witnesses say the platform is collapsing. firefighters are on the scene. they responding to the
12:46 pm
situation the best they can. >> >> cancer rates are lower in states with high rates of vaccination against human papilloma virus. researchers >> analyze data on the rates. they found in northeastern states including massachusetts wrote island and vermont had high vaccination rates and some of the lowest rates of cervical cancer. >> the same results were presented at the american association for cancer research conference. >> were likely to develop alzheimer's disease. schilling
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said he may speak at the onset of alzheimer's and patients by 135%. 10-20 percent of people have problems with the memory and language and thinking skills. researchers say many patients develop alzheimer's within a few years. also evidence that anxiety caused by depression may be an important risk factor for alzheimer's. study was published in the american journal of geriatric psychiatry. >> love of me make desserts for lunch.
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executive chef and river north. thank you so much for coming back and making love with desserts for us. >> i think so. now
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you're going to help me make some things give in dade desserts. >> we're going to make filling for the pumpkin. you can make this three days before thanksgiving. you can get all of your deserts of the way before you even have to start your turkey. >> an interesting thing is that people do not know that 90 percent of pumpkins grown right here in illinois. within a 80 mi. radius of peoria. >> started my career in peoria. i know it well. >> this is just sugar and water. we're going to caramelized it. that is going to be the base. >> all of this whole mixture is going to go on top of a double boiler which
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i do not have a regular. we are creating one. >> you do not need to have all kinds of different equipment in your house. >> those a little bit of half and half. they can use a combination of cinnamon and nutmeg. a little bit of the extract. we also have a little bit of gelatin. >> is the one together. this is kind of withholds the mixture together. >>: to set this on top of a pot with water. it is going to cook the eggs. it is going to bring the whole mixture together. >> he had folded it makes creamakes whipped cream.
12:52 pm
>> to not worry if we're going to fast. >> sugar is, last year. piquancy all of the evaporation has happened. >> literally could smell that the sugars of caramelized. >> we're going to it that the heavy cream. >> that is ok. if you want to there is a philippine right here. >> if you want to just toss it inside. you can certainly use vanilla extract if you want to. >> if you want to add a pinch of salt to this mixture. >> the rest of the remaining sugar. >> what you want to do is mix this together. >> going to bring
12:53 pm
the eggs and remaining sugar is. if you were to dump this all in their you're going to have creme brulee. you do not want that it all. let this dissolved. it is going to look lumpy and strange. >> lead a get lumpy. the sugar is going to dissolve. it does not matter. it does not have to be perfect. >> to a little bit of this mixture in here. we're just going to if stir the eggs and sugar. >> that is when you know it is ok to add it back into the mixture. >> just want to make it the same temperature as the cream so it does not
12:54 pm
curdle. >> essentially this mixture, we just needed to cook for a minute. we're going to use a spatula and let thicken. the cornstarch in here. there is no floor. this is a great thing to have around. a lot of things are not gluten free. >> this is a great desert to prepare. you can also use the pumpkin desert as well. >> you can find these had any story. >> much fun. you can squeeze it into the refrigerator. >> i try to make everything ahead of thanksgiving. the more you can make the better. you put those in there. >> you are finished here. this is the finished
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product. >> some brown butter shortbread cookie. lovely and wonderful ideas. >> if you want heather to cook for you, 5 05 north state street. >> we will have these fabulous recipes on our web page as well. recipes on our web page as well. >>
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ugh... ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. time for the answer to today's trivia question. on this day in 1954 ellis island closed its doors to promising immigrants? it was shut down until the war was over or it was a temporary nuclear research facility? the answer is its host captured enemy sailors. the island reopened for immigration at the end of the war. >> it is interestingly enough setting records right away. we may next week.
12:58 pm
>> very unusual. that is in the number of consecutive self 40 degree days that we're going to have to the middle of next week. the temperatures will even reach 40. 32 lead midway right now. it is chilly up there. about eight degrees colder than 24 hours ago. you have a windchill that we calculate that 20 right now. water temperatures only in the mid to upper 40's. here's the satellite radar view. there's some like affect styles that will be blowing into the other side of the lake. clouds that develop as we keep a little bit during the day might produce an errant fleury. there uc clouds. it will not amount to anything. that is a midnight you. look at the snow showers and going into the snowbelts of parts of northwest indiana and lower michigan. those will continue during the day tomorrow. the clouds
12:59 pm
will be developed by midday tomorrow. could produce flurries. the cold is in place. look how we maintain this pattern this bias big buckle in the northwest. >> the whole parade of storms going up the western end of the continent. the colder air is there. thursday-saturday. you could see how percent stanpersistent. temperatures come back into the '30's. maybe even some low '40's. until then it is cold. highs by monday and tuesday may not be far from records. >> that is a january level temperature here in november. it level temperature here in november. it is pretty chilly.
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